Cultivate Mental Discipline

... and Richer Life Experience

Tulsa Life Coach teaches the skills necessary to enhance cognitive perceptions of reality and truth ... 

Develop your "Working Memory" which is the brains ability to hold and process discrete information about what a person is doing at a particular moment. Using tools such as CogMed we are able to sharpen the essential facets of a person's life.


Athletes — Athletes thrive on their ability to make split-second decisions. Working memory, which is crucial for success and performing under stress, is a tremendous asset on the sports field.


Professionals — Working memory is crucial in this environment. Professionals with strong working memory capacity are efficient with their time and well equipped to multi-task. They perform well under pressure, remain organized and stay focused on the task at hand.


Students — Parents and teachers also report improved social skills, taking initiative, remembering instructions and completing assignments more independently. The objective is better academic results, particularly in reading comprehension and math.

Take the Test to evaluate your Working Memory.

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