Welcome to my landing page!  Glad you were able to find your way here, it's great to meet new people. 

Yes, you have reached the right place to make meaningful changes in your life.  

I often ask my clients “What would be a good outcome of our conversation?” The answer to this question might just be the reason you are here, to understand why you feel the way you do and find a solution to your current struggle.


We have all had this experience, wanting to know how we can be at our best when faced with a challenging situation. I know the struggle, I have been there too. There is a solution.


Be sure to complete the contact form and let me know your name, contact information, and anything else you would like me to know. Read a bit about the skills you will learn to apply to your life below, and ask me any questions you would like.

Look forward to meeting you!



Timothy Hager, BSIE, MHR, NCE

Human Relations Consultant


Timothy's role as an Executive Coach and Independent Board Director is to help identify needs whilst supporting you to take action in alignment with strategic and tactical aspirations. His background in the military, and challenging industrial environments, provide Timothy with the insight and knowledge to provide executive level support to understand your own motivations and the motivations of others.


Join a select group of men and women in developing emotional resilience in a supportive environment. Gain confidence and respect of partners, experience shifts in perspective and life altering changes, in both personal and professional environments.

  • Confidential Coaching Sessions

  • Round Table​ Support Groups

  • Corporate Consulting

​Learn to

  • Feel in Control

  • Have Resilient Relationships

  • Develop Leadership Skills

  • Have Life Altering Self-Regulation

  • Shift Perspective and Feelings

  • Handle Fearful Needs

  • Develop Emotional Resilience

  • Too Soft? Toughen Up

  • Have Self-Compassion

  • Lead with Confidence

  • Hold your own in Conversations

  • Be Calm in Challenging Situations


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Ready to learn more? Schedule Confidential Coaching Session or Join a Round Table*   

Call or Text 918-856-8064

*Round Table meetings are comprised of teams of men or women and meet monthly in a private dining location, drinks and appetizers provided.

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