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Ready to develop the skills necessary to build a stronger relationship?

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Hello there!

This letter is an open invitation for those who want to succeed at having a long lasting supportive relationship with your significant partner. And it’s the most important letter you’re going to read all year.  I know, I know. That might sound like a gimmick, but it’s true.


And here’s why:

The internet is flooded with information.
By the time you type in “How do I become a better man” into Google and click the search button, you’re already overwhelmed with “100 ways to be a better man” gurus and “The Number One Hidden Secret to be a Better Man!” salesmen. If weeding through the snake oil wasn’t enough, you’ll actually have to sit through their attempt at education to see if it’s even worth it.

It’s too much time and it’s too much energy spent in the wrong place.

At Round Tables, we do something different.

We take a new approach to understanding relationships. We focus on a team approach that where you will learn why you feel the way you do and what to do about it.

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Round Tables are something something we’re confident about.

Confident enough to promise you will gain new perspective on how to build a stronger relationship.

If we haven’t officially met, let me formally introduce myself – My name is Timothy Hager and my passion is the Human Relationships and how our bodies work to make us feel the way we do.

As the leader of the Round Tables, I am 100% committed to putting my name on this product. I know it works and I have the history to know why it works.

Prior to the creating the Round Tables I immersed my self in the study of leadership (and lived it) and the bio-mechanics of life.  There is a reason we feel the way we do when "Stuff" happens when situations become challenging.

I know what kind of success is required for resilient relationships and I know Round Tables have the ability to build the necessary foundation for you to achieve it.

I urge you to act on this limited time offer for Round Tables. As the platform grows with more content, videos, and expert insight, the price will only go up.

Right now, you can lock in your price and still get access to all of the great content coming down the pike.